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“Staff were polite and friendly and the removal / delivery ran smoothly.”

- S Johnstone

If you feel at a loss or unsure where to start with your moving day, read through our informative moving advice and tips.

Helpful hints and tips for a smooth move

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Top moving tips

One month before moving day:

- Order boxes and packing materials

- Inform your bank and other important companies of your new address, some companies require a months' notice

- Don't forget your TV licence, the Inland Revenue, DVLA and the delivery addresses of any companies you use for online shopping


Two weeks before moving day:

- Start eating the food in your freezer

- Send change of address cards or emails to friends and family

- Book storage space with us if required

- Organise a cleaning company for your home if desired

- De-register from your doctor, dentist, optician etc. if you are moving out of their catchment area

- Check you have insurance coverage for the move and make sure it is adequate for your needs


One week before moving day:

- Arrange parking for the removal vans at your new property

- Organise your utilities to be switched off at your current property for the date of your move

- Read the meters of your current property on or the day before moving

- Arrange the connection of utilities, phone and internet for moving day at your new property

- Set up a mail forwarding service through the Post Office

- Make a list of all important phone numbers such as estate agents, solicitors, removals company, insurance, utilities along with any account numbers

- Arrange babysitting for any young children, and pet-sitting if necessary

- Arrange time off for children from school by writing a letter

- Find out your seller's solicitor's new contact details, in case of any difficulties at the property

- Ask the estate agent if the seller can supply a list of recommended local services e.g. plumber, electrician, for when you move in

- Visit your doctor and arrange supplies of any medicines you regularly take


Two days before moving day:

- Start running down your freezer

- Organise what to keep or throw out

- Don't forget to clear your loft, shed and garage

- Cancel your milk delivery and newspapers.

- Take down curtains and blinds

- Re-confirm arrangements with us

- Find out the locations of stopcocks and fuse-boxes at your new house

- Call the local council to find out rubbish collection and recycling days

- Send an email informing your contacts you will be offline for a few days

- Pack up all computers, stereos and large electrical equipment

- Pack up valuable, delicate or small items such as jewellery and ornaments


The day before moving day:

- Collect any medicines, inhalers etc. that you will need over the next few days

- Organise any medical products such as paracetamol, plasters, contact lens solutions, glasses, razor, toothbrush

- Collect together your keys, deeds, contract, insurance documents and paper work for your personal luggage

- Get together a calculator, an alarm clock, your cheque book and credit cards for your personal luggage

- Pack a box containing kitchen items such as the kettle, mugs, teaspoons, sugar, teabags

- Collect together scissors, a torch, corkscrew/bottle opener, a radio, soap, toilet paper and other essentials

- Pack uniforms, school bags, PE kits and schoolwork in a separate box and mark it

- Fill your car up with petrol and plan your route

- Check for road works so you can avoid them

- Pack a box of basic cleaning and repair products for the new house

- Box up things such as books and out-of-season clothes

- Withdraw cash for last-minute emergencies, basic supplies and tips

- Recharge your mobile phone


On the day:

- Each person should keep their 'personal luggage' securely with them

- Don't leave boxes where movers may put them in the van

- Strip beds, pack bedding separately and mark clearly whose is whose

- Elect one person to carry the kitchen essentials with them, ready for your arrival

- Leave a note with your contact details for the new occupants if necessary

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